About Jack Nalbandian Stamps

 For over 60 years our firm has been a familiar part of the stamp business in the United States.

For the Stamp Collector... Choice Mint and Used United States Classics. A Wide Variety of Proofs and Essays. United States Major and Minor Errors and More!  Thousands of philatelists and stamp dealers have depended on our firm for not only reliable and very dependable service to meet their needs---but equally important, for the time we take in building real trust based relationships with each one of our valued customers.

Jack Nalbandian Jack Nalbandian, who founded our business in 1950 and continues today as our president emeritus, has a true old-time worldwide knowledge of stamps---the kind of background serious stamp collectors have come to value highly over the decades. Jack and his late wife Margaret were married just short of 68 years. They enjoyed cruise travel and ballroom dancing. He often tells of how Margaret was a huge help in getting his business off the ground and running. They had three children together; Carol, June and Marty - as well as 9 grandchildren & 8 great grandchildren. Jack considers himself to have been blessed and is greatful for all that kept he and Margaret busy & smiling over a lifetime together! If there is one thing that our customers can always count on (that is, in addition to the fine service for which we have become known over the past 65+ years) it's how we keep our finger on the pulse of the stamp market. We do this very carefully. The error market is continuing to be an expanding growth area of stamp collecting---and not only are new discoveries constantly being made, but the growing demand for these unique issues (and the publicity they sometimes get) can cause rapid fluctuations in prices. You can always count on us to offer you a wide and varied errors, freaks and oddities selection and at very competitive prices. Check our site often for new offerings!


Bob Dowiot Bob Dowiot, who has been married to Jack's daughter June for over 40 years, joined our firm in 1978. As current president of JN, Inc., Bob has deep knowledge in United States stamps, most especially our key specialty areas of U.S. Choice Quality Classics, and in the U.S. errors field, where he has been a continued source of information for quite some time. He and June have three adult sons, Joshua, Jonathan and Justin -- as well as 6 fabulous grandchildren. As we continue to develop an expand our Internet website, you will see a large array of philatelic resources here. Not only do we intend to be a Central Information Center in the errors field (where some of the top experts in the hobby will be providing articles for you), but you'll find the Nalbandian site always full of exciting offerings for both the collector and dealer.